J'ai eu une rencontre avec la magnifique Penelope hier. Quel accueil chaleureux!!! Tout pour me mettre à l'aise. Elle est très rigolote et l'humour nous a accompagnés tout au long de cette rencontre mémorable.
Elle aime vraiment son métier et bon dieu qu'elle est cochonne!
Et ce qui ne gâche rien, qu'est-ce qu'elle est belle!
Bref je la recommande chaudement et j'ai hâte à notre prochaine rencontre.

-J. P.


J'ai rencontré la belle Penelope la semaine passé, quand je suis entré elle avait un beau sourire et des jolies yeux, habillé comme je lui avais demandé, on a discuté un peu pour briser la glace qu'elle a fait fondre. Elle est brillante ,intelligente , et d'une gentillesse irréprochable, elle est très passionnée , ça a été un moment inoubliable, j'essaye de m'en remettre encore, un service au dessus de mes attentes en plus elle est merveilleusement cochonne, l'essayer c'est l'adopter!  Merci beaucoup Penelope xoxo



I had the good fortune to meet Penelope last week, and I can only say that if you haven’t booked an appointment with her, you are missing out. Initial contact and booking the appointment was done via email, with a few follow-up messages to get to know each other a little and whet our appetites and create some extra desire. Initial communications were in English, but we shifted to French shortly after I arrived and were able to switch between the two languages throughout.

I arrived at the scheduled time, and she greeted me with a nice hug, dressed in a Christmas-themed dress with fishnet stockings that she had mentioned in a prior email. In her heels, she was almost my height, providing a direct line to her big, bright eyes. She has slightly shorter than shoulder length hair (recently dyed a burgundy red), that she can tie into a short pony tail. Her cherubic face is very pretty, and she is easy to talk to, which is exactly what we did for the first little while.

She mentions on her website that she is a “sex geek”, which I found charming, but she admitted that “geek” is a term that applies to many of her pursuits. We talked about comic books, Star Wars, science-fiction, movies, yoga, and music. Though she would probably have been open to get down to business as soon as I arrived, I appreciated that she asked me what I wanted and talking for a bit relaxed the atmosphere and made the transition to more physical activities easier. Eventually, she kicked off her heels to reveal a compact and curvy 5’4” frame that I very much appreciated.

I’m not one to share the illicit details of our encounter, but I will say that she was quite appreciative of some of my skills with a woman’s body. Per her site, she offers safe PSE and GFE, and when she shifted her attention to me, it was some of the former, but we focused more on a GFE type encounter for the most part. Between shots on goal, we talked about all manner of things and I got to discover that she has a really good head on her shoulders and thinks long-term.

By the time our session came to an end, I knew I would be booking time with Penelope again in the future. She is both a giving lover and a take-charge kind of woman, but she is focused on making sure that your time together is nothing short of memorable. Two discrete tattoos are the only visual distractions on her perfectly smooth and flawless skin. She does have more metal than any other woman I’ve been with (as with her tattoos, her 5 piercings are discrete), but it wasn’t a deterrent for me. I like to discover new things.

Overall, she is a fantastic encounter; a ball of sexual energy who looks fantastic in knee-high socks (check out her Twitter feed). A smart, sexy young woman who is as easy to talk to as she is to fall in lust with. I look forward to meeting her again and seeing what other tricks she has up her sexual sleeve. Be good to her and she’ll be the right kind of bad to you.

Merci beaucoup Penelope! (If you treat her well, she might tell you the story behind her name.)

- Bender1138


She really, really, REALLY enjoys sex. Be on time, polite, and have a sense of humor and she will rock your world. Use the pre-appointment communication to let her know what you're interested in, and she should be able to accommodate your requests. 

Pretty, smart, and sexy as hell.

- Bender1138



The add should say: Very attractive, young, true nympho for gentleman with powerful sex drive ! (Accurate recent pictures on the add. She greeted me with the same adorable red outfit.)
Penelope has been in the business a couple of years, Indy for two months with a curvy and firm body, 5'4, 130 lbs, 34C with dark perky pierced nipples.( A delight to suck on) She has very pretty face... sparkling eyes. The add says "amazing skills in bed and full of energy" yeah sure I though...

Wow !!!! The most competent fuck I ever had from a such a young lady. I heard the expression "a sex geek" the other day. Well she is definitely one of those. We were chatting and she was telling me about male and female anatomy, and explained why at one point she bended backward while in the cowgirl position ( riding ferociously!) "This position the tip of your dick right at the best spot and angle in my pussy... for our mutual maximum pleasure" the result ? within 15 seconds she was squirting all over my belly with me shaking with pleasure working really hard not to come too quickly. I am telling you she loves sex and loves to share pleasure. I lost count of how many times she came. Oh and DT ? She made me completely disappear, no effort , and stayed there for a long time. After, you should have seen her smille when looking at me astonished. " I love that look of amazement on my partners face after sex she said ! It tells me I have done a good job !!!" She is sooooo sweet and adorable ! Greek. I did not care, this young pussy is soooooo tight !
God I love intense, passionate sex like this ! She started with gentle, delicate DFK, like if she was feeling me out...later as I was pounding her...the kisses turned sloppy and very passionate OMG!

I said it before...and say it again, gentleman get better mileage. Be kind to Penelope, pay attention to her, and you will likely get the fuck of your life.

A must on the "to do list" of every serious hobbyist not looking for the "perfect body" but in search of the absolute perfect fuck !
I can't wait to meet her week ! Merci Penelope.


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