Duos available
              Double the pleasure with any of my girlfriends bellow. Twice as exciting!

Camille Haring

Succumb to temptation and let us guide you lasciviously into our erotic universe filled with desire. The best of both worlds, two excellent professional and personalized services, united to become one, only for your pleasure. Camille and I are the perfect combination to realize your duet dreams.

Emma Lemieux

Ahhhh Emma... I couldn't talk about us without mentioning that we are the perfect Yin & Yang. An angel and a demon united together to satisfy any desire you have. Our common love for pleasure makes the experience incomparable and especially out of the ordinary.

Juliette Dubois


Juliette and I, we are the fantasy of 'girlfriend experience' par excellence! How sweet and soft! As usual, it is with passion and delicacy that you will indulge in pleasure with us, all to make you go insane and never forget your perfect ménage à trois! You'll be dreaming of us for a while.

Sophie Lee