• How can I contact you?

-E-mail is the best way to book a rendez-vous with me.


  • Are you on Facebook or Twitter?

-You can find me on twitter @wild_penelope, please note that I don't accept any booking request via direct message on twitter. You can get to know me a bit more there and see some exclusive pics that are not on my website, selfies and more :D


  • Are your pictures really you?

-Of course they are!! My face is blurred for privacy reasons, as discretion is a priority for me and you ;)


  • Why don't you always answer your phone when I call?

-Remember that e-mail is the best way to reach me, I NEVER CHECK MY PHONE WHEN I'M WITH A CLIENT, it's important to me that you have my full attention during our appointment, since I want you to feel like a king!
Whenever I am in public, with friends/family I don't answer my phone either. 
You are more then welcome to send a text, though, especially for same day bookings. And I will always do my best to answer as soon as I can.


  • I’m super nervous and shy about our first appointment?

-It's not an issue at all, I think it's just normal to be a bit nervous when we meet for the first time but trust me, I can make you feel at ease pretty easily. :)


  • Why are you a low volume courtesan?

-I call myself a low volume courtesan because I usually don't see more than a few gentlemen per week.  It's important to me that my service is always as amazing as it can be! I never rush an appointment and I am not a "clock watcher" as I wouldn't want you to be.


  • Is there anything I need to do to prepare for a booking?

-If you come from work or simply not from home, there will always be a shower available before and after our time together for you. You are welcome to bring some wine, I'll be happy to share a bottle with you. You can prepare donations in an enveloppe, sliding it in a comic book is always fun ;)

I can always accommodate requests for lingerie or toys with enough notice, but you are welcome to bring some toys to play with if you want something specific


  • Do you see couples or women?

-I am a genuine unicorn, I sooo love to meet with couples! 
I also really love women.


  • What is included in our encounters? 

-My donations are fix, keep in mind that you pay for my time and not for what happens during our date. There is also no hidden fees, so no bad surprises. You can refer yourself to my services and donations to know more about the service in general.
Any specific questions can be ask by e-mail or through my booking form.


  • Do you accept credit cards?



  • Q: Do you do anal/greek?



  • What can I expect on a date with you?

-Unforgettable memories and the time of your life!


  • What is a turn-off for you?

-Asking for a discount or requesting something I've already made clear I don't do. Please respect my limits as I will always respect yours. 


  • Do you enjoy what you do?

-Yes I really do and trust me, it shows!


  • What do you look for in a client?

-What you look like doesn't matter to me as long as you have a good hygiene, you show respect and compassion
and of course I do really love smiles! :)


  • Do you meet with older/younger gents?

-I would say I have a preference for older gents (grey hair excites me!) but I love to meet with anyone who is 21 years or older. 


  • What will you be wearing on our date?

-Unless you ask otherwise, I always take great pleasure in wearing sexy lingerie with a garter belt, stocking and heels for you. I have many different lingerie kits and I'd like to surprise you with a different one every time.
Special outfit requests are welcome and I'll always do my best to fulfill them whenever possible.


  • Do you do outcalls?

-No I'm sorry I don't. We can discuss this once we've seen each other many times and that I feel comfortable with you. It's my safety that is at stake here, and the condo I receive in is very centrally located and discrete.


  • What is your shoe size?

- 7.