Want to make me blush a little more?

All your attentions are very appreciated, that said I do not expect to receive anything more than my usual donations, 
but if ever the envy to spoil me a little more takes you, here are some definite values.


-Photoshoot with my favorite photographer ( you choose the concept)
-Vintage accessories
-Perfume ( Yves St-Laurent - Black opium &/or Guess)
-Wine ( White, Red, Bubbles)
-Dark Chocolate
-Change Lingerie Gift Card
-Playful Promises Lingerie Gift Card

-Help me build my dream computer, NVIDIA graphic card, RAM, ASUS Motherboard, CPU, etc.

As you might have already noticed, I'm a big fan or comic books and super vilains, for an even more personnalised gift, click on the bellow link to acces my comics collection,
Surprise me! :)

Click here ——> Comic Book Collection <——